Ever More Nest

Ever More Nest is a new music project from New Orleans-based songwriter Kelcy Mae, who traveled to Tennessee, experienced totality, met her spirit guide, and made a record. A band with an unmistakable Americana tilt, Ever More Nest pairs Kelcy’s signature poetic lyricism with a musical style that can set you simultaneously on a rural dirt road and a gritty, big-city street. Inspiration for the band name “Ever More Nest” came from a line in a poem by Mary Ann Samyn, which Kelcy found striking in its ability to evoke both a nostalgia for and discomfort with place. The project’s debut record, The Place That You Call Home (October 12, 2018), is likewise obsessed with the idea of place, from the fallen trees of “North Mississippi” to the infinite stars of “Major Tom” or the streets of New Orleans in "Broken Bones."

As Ever More Nest, Kelcy has adopted a full-fledged Americana style that nods to the likes of Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown, Emmylou Harris, Wilco, Lucinda Williams, and Neil Young without sounding too much like any of them. Kelcy’s oft-lauded poeticism remains a calling card of her songs and is on full display on The Place That You Call Home. Look for the band on tour now. 

what they're saying

Ever More Nest marries folk and Americana elements with heartfelt grit and ambient sensibilities. ...Poetic, intimate lyrics and sweet, lilting melodies carry us through songs rife with the pain and passion of human experience.”

Atwood Magazine

Kelcy Mae's newest endeavor is planted musically somewhere between New Orleans zest and Tennessee cool, riding that line into a new blend of Americana to titillate.”


Throughout, the poetic lyrics and atmospheric music impress; but this CD’s biggest strength may be Kelcy’s vocals. ”

No Depression

With Ever More Nest’s clear, soaring, emotive vocals and top shelf musicians, this is a can’t miss recording.”

Country Standard Time

Always a literate writer, she manages to work some grabbing images into these graceful tunes...It’s worth spending some time with this disc to catch all the details.”

Offbeat Magazine

Brilliant... a beautiful tapestry weaved from thought-provoking messages and Wilburn’s honest soul.”

No Depression

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